Sonntag, November 22, 2015

Notice #5

Hello dear THOE reader ♥,

how are you, guys? :)
I had a cold but since last week I feel better.

Last Saturday my best Friend Lay and I visted a concert by Nothing But Thieves in Cologne.
The concert has been super. It was very funny because we met new and old friends.

The last event I'm attending is the German Comic Con :( :). I'm very excited about it.
We (Lay and me) try to get some nice pics especially for you.

So that's it for today but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on
Facebook (THOE Facebookpage),
Twitter (Jenneightdoll) or Instagram (Jenneightdoll).
I will be glad to answer them :).

Jenn xox 

Nothing But Thieves
A Polaroid View

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