Sonntag, Februar 22, 2015

Disney Tag [English]

Hello sweet Unicorns♥,

Last week I've made a Disney Tag on German but many of you cant read/speak german.
So I have thought that I make a similar Disney Tag.
I found this Tag by Becky!!!
Thank you that I can use your Picture :)

P.S.: Visit her. She has a lovely Blog. I like it so much♥

Who is/are your favourite Disney Princess(es)?
My favourite by far is Ariel. I also like the other Disney Princesses but I grew up with Ariel and her world ♥

Who is/are your favourite Disney Prince(s)?

Eric from the Little Mermaid :)

What is/are your favourite Disney movie(s)?
The Little Mermaid . I also love watching Tangled and Frozen everytime.

What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
I have to mention The Little Mermaid again. :)

What is/are your favourite Disney song(s)?

Who is/are your favourite Disney sidekick(s)?
My favourite Disney sidekick is Olaf. Oh my god I love Olaf. He is so funny and always there for his friends.

Who is/are the Disney Villain(s) you most love to hate?
Rapunzel's Mother because she is someone which I never want to meet her.

Which Disney movie’s ending is your favourite?
Tangeld and Frozen are the best endings I think.

Which Disney movie’s storyline is your favourite?

Oooh. Frozen, because it's another story than the other Disney films. 

Which Disney character(s) would you want as your best friend(s)?

Ariel, Rapunzel and Anna :)

What is/are your favourite Disney Pixar movie(s)?

Finding Nemo ♥

What is/are your favourite Disney Pixar character(s)?
Dory is really cool :)

What was/were your favourite Disney movie(s) as a child?
My first movie was The Little Mermaid :D and Dumbo.

If you could meet any Disney character, who would you choose to meet?
I would just like to meet  Prince Eric and Eugene Fitzherbert. :)

What magical object from a Disney film would you want to own the most?

Olaf. with his snow cloud :D

What is/are your favourite Disney movie sequel(s)?
I don't have a favourite Disney movie sequel.

What is your favourite outfit that a character wears in Disney film?
I'm in love with the blue dress of Ariel and Elsa's dress at the Ice Palace.

What is a story and/or movie that you thought was Disney but is not?
Definitely Anastasia.

Which Disney parents would you want to be your own?
No one.!

What do you think is/are the saddest Disney character death(s)?
Bambi's mother, it is so sad :(  No one wants to lose his/ her mother.

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Love, Jenn♥